Glass Harp

Created from ordinary wine glasses by the GlassDuo, the biggest glass harp in the world has been heard at many prestigious festivals.

Over 10 million views on YouTube.

GlassDuo and Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra.

The exceptional tones of the glass harp in combination with other instruments.

GlassDuo cooperate with orchestras, chamber ensembles, composers, dancers, multimedia artists, theatres and publishers…

Not just the sound...

The GlassDuo's instrument is inspiring and spectacular. It's always a singularly unique event when an instrument made from wine glasses appears on the scene.

The GlassDuo have been written about by Reuters and Associated Press, among others, and interviewed by Deutche Welle and Public Radio International..

Recording music for adverts.


Dubai. Glass harp workshops.

How do you play the glass harp?

The GlassDuo has run workshops in many places in Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Hong-Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Wherever we go in the world, there are people keen to know how to play such an unusual instrument.

GlassDuo Projects

Sometimes projects come about spontaneously, sometimes they are the result of painstaking preparation. But whatever their origins, our projects are always motivated by the same desire to create something unique, coherent and musically enticing.


Singapore. Lady in the Moon.

Something special for the connoisseur

Swarovski, Sony, Volvo, Citi Bank, Nestle... GlassDuo’s glass harp – the largest in the world – has become an exclusive attraction at events organized by many leading brands.


Wieliczka Salt Mine. A wonderful acoustics for the glass harp and a favourite venue for many world famous brands.


The impressive collection of posters is witness to GlassDuo’s many years of concert performance.

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