Drops of water for South Sudan is a joint project between the Polish Humanitarian Organisation, GlassDuo and Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the result of which was the building of wells in South Sudan.
The concert was recorded thanks to the help of thirty thousand followers of the Polish Humanitarian Organisation on Facebook.
The final concert, during which GlassDuo and Simfonia Varsovia Orchestra performed Sting's "Fragile".
Report on "Water for South Sudan"

lady in the moon - GlassDuoAccording to legend, the herb of immortality separated the lovers. The wife went away from her husband and travelled to the moon, where she lives in the Palace of Cold. Her beloved tried to follow her there, but without success…In 2014, as a part of the celebrations for the Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore,  the GlassDuo, alongside artists from Germany, Israel, Italy and Spain,  created a kind of super-production inspired by the traditional Chinese fairy tale, The Lady in the Moon.

A glass harp, a four-metre-high puppet, dancers flying in balloons 25 metres above the ground and actors in fairy-tale costumes – this was the spectacle that met the thousands of people who gathered to experience a new interpretation of the well-known story!


GlassDuo in ZilinaGlassDuo and KV617 Ensemble play concert in Zilina, Slovakia

The GlassDuo couldn't resist the temptation to create a project inspired by the music of Chopin. Four other instruments: flute, oboe, viola and cello joined in. Glass harp, in combination with strings and wind instruments, offered a highly original sound and a completely new interpretation of Chopin's music. And although in the Romantic era glass instruments were silenced by the domination of the piano, their sound uniquely emphasizes the nostalgic aura of Chopin’s compositions.

In addition, GlassDuo present works by Polish and overseas artists who have also found inspiration both in our great countryman and in the exceptional tonal possibilities of the glass harp.

The project has been recorded on the CD choPINcode.

Official site of CHOPIN2010.PL

choPINcode performences:

  • „Chopin Non Stop”, Wrocław, Poland 2006,
  • Chamber Music Festival, Jarocin, Poland 2007
  • Chopiniana, Warsaw, Poland 2008
  • Chopin Open, Warsaw, Poland 2010
  • Round About Chopin - Vienna, Austria 2010
  • II Festival Polish Music in Żylina, Slovakia 2010
poemaPoem XXI The World of Miłosz is an interdisciplinary project combining elements of music and poetry with fine art.  The project is a result of cooperation between artists from Poland and Japan.
In accompaniment to a work by Mieczysław Litwiński, a contemporary composition for voice, harmonium, cello and glass harp, sung in a number of languages: Japanese, Lithuanian, English and Polish. The music is recorded on the CD, IKI.

DSC 7804 smallInstructions To Four Walls - concert premiere in LondonInstructions to Four Walls is a setting of words by W.S. Merwin to music from the London composer Tom Smail.

Arranged for four voices, glass harp and classical harp.

The premiere and recording took place in London in January 2013.

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